Technology Escrow

In an effort to ensure our customers continuity/availability of BittWare product, we offer Technology Escrow services. If requested (and subject to fees), BittWare shall place into escrow for the term of the Supply Agreement (with an escrow agent of mutual agreement between BittWare and the customer), a complete manufacturing package for the BittWare products in question. Included in the Escrow package is all information required to manufacture, test, and repair our products.

Materials in the Escrow package can include: Bill of Materials (BOM) with Approved Vendor List (AVL), PLD programming information, mechanical drawings, assembly drawings, manufacturing test software, test procedures, schematics, ECO history, design documentation including hardware and software design specifications, software design specifications, host software source code, DSP software executable code, build instructions for software source code, including specific tools used, and all make files, scripts, and source files used to build the code.