Obsolescence Management

BittWare prides itself on the ability to provide products for extended periods to minimize the impact on our customer’s programs. However, in some instances, BittWare may choose to obsolete a product due to component obsolescence, lack of sales performance, inability to support, inappropriate market fit, new version release, etc. In all cases, we will make our best effort to give notice of a planned product obsolescence months in advance.

Once a product has been targeted for obsolescence, BittWare will:

  • Notify in writing our customers who may be impacted by this decision
  • Offer these customers the opportunity to participate in a last time buy program that outlines time frame for ordering and delivery
  • Continue to provide technical support for a specified time frame beyond delivery of the last units

BittWare has access to component obsolescence information on over 200 million component part numbers through our subscription to Silicon Expert. BittWare checks our ASL (Approved Supplier List) on a regular basis to make sure component availability has not been negatively affected by specific events with a manufacturer, or by the dynamic nature of the industry.

BittWare also offers component obsolescence reporting services to our customers for specific assemblies and BOMs on an as-needed basis. The service includes a risk analysis report which attempts to provide the information listed below for each component on the BOM, depending on customer need. Silicon Expert uses CALCE forecasting algorithms developed in partnership with the University of Maryland:

  • Part Status – Preliminary, Active, NRND (Not recommended for New Design), LTB (Last Time Buy), Obsolete or Discontinued, Unconfirmed, or Acquired
  • Part Lifecycle Stage –Preliminary, Growth, Mature, Decline, Phase Out, Obsolete or Discontinued
  • Estimated Years to EOL
  • Estimated EOL Date
  • Multisourcing risk (High, Medimum, Low)
  • Inventory Risk (High, Medimum, Low)
  • RoHS Risk (High, Medimum, Low)

For 2nd source components that are obsolete, BittWare will indicate “Alternate part only, primary available”. If a part is obsolete and a 2nd source is not available, BittWare may have previously participated in a LTB and may have limited parts available. In these cases BittWare may state “Limited inventory available at BittWare, recommend customer part purchase to guarantee supply”.

For more information in regards to BittWare’s obsolescense services, please contact BittWare.