Configuration Management

New technology insertions and product evolution are often required to ensure that customers are benefiting from improved performance throughout the lifetime of their program or project. BittWare works with its customers to meet their requirements with respect to product configuration to ensure the same form, fit, and function, through new technology insertions.

BittWare provides configuration management services for its hardware and software products at various levels, each designed to meet the requirements of specific customers.

Change Notification

Customers can request that BittWare notify them of changes associated with their hardware and software products. Notifications would include: major component upgrade (as defined in the National Consensus Standard for Configuration Management document ANSI/EIA-649), software revisions/patches, and product anomaly updates.

Change Approval

This service is available on a fee basis and enables BittWare customers to be involved in the approval process of any change to be introduced. Under this option, customers are able to participate in the management of the products baseline configuration.

Revision Lock

This service is available on a fee basis and allows the BittWare customer at any stage of their project/program to lock in a hardware revision. BittWare can provide revision locks by participating in last time buy programs and providing bonded inventory services for components and final products.